Beach visitors

Curious about the Sand Motor? Fancy a nice walk or a dip? The Sand Motor is open to the public. Visitors can enjoy the rugged nature and the ever-changing landscape on and around the Sand Motor.

General safety precautions

The Sand Motor is a unique tidal flat-like area that is flooded twice a day at high tide. This can lead to unsafe situations, such as a soft bottom or strong sea currents in the channels. When entering the beach or the Sand Motor, please note the following:

  • Always keep an eye on the weather and the sea. Don’t be surprised by bad weather or rising tide.
  • Always follow the walking route. This way you avoid becoming trapped by rising water.
  • If you get lost on the Sand Motor, walk to the Argusmast. When you get to the mast you can walk to the beach.
  • Pay attention to the signs and flags. Signs indicate whether a swimming ban is in force.

  • During the swimming season (May 1 to October 1) before entering the water consult the website or call the swimming water telephone +31 (0)800-9036.
  • Incase of an emergency call 112.
  • Follow the directions of the supervisors and the rescue squad.